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Spending time in nature for health and happiness.

About Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing is the translation of Shinrin Yoku, the Japanese practice of spending time in nature for health and happiness.

Forest bathing is the practice of being with nature in a conscious way through all of your senses. The authentic experience is not a walk in the forest or mindfulness simply lead in nature. Nature is a partner, not a destination. Through the relationship, you discover what “medicine” the forest offers for you—reconnection, reciprocity or renewal. Forest bathing events offers time to slow down, get present and be surprised by nature‘s gifts.


Shinrin Yoku was developed in Japan in the 1980s for stress management. There are many peer-reviewed research articles showing the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.


Studies demonstrate that conscious time with the forest can help with stress, depression, mood, cardiac disorders, and boost the immune system. The positive impact on the immune systems is through increased production of NK cells that are responsible for fighting infections and tumor cells. It can support regulation of blood pressure, improve sleep quality and create greater clarity or peace of mind.

Research suggests forest bathing is inhaling nature’s own immune system, called phytoncides. Trees and plants emit phytoncides to ward off insects.

These nature immersions use all of your senses to restore your present awareness and thus a presence, calm and rejuvenation that participants say can last for days.

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What participants say

I keep coming back because the forest bathing always reveals something new to me every time. It also brings me to a deep sense of calm that lasts me for days.

Retiree / Pensioner

I feel recharged, rejuvenated and energized! Forest bathing connected me with nature in a way I didn’t expect.


During the forest bathing I experienced protection and a feeling of warmth and security.

Digital Publisher

Forest bathing was a deep experience, I received a feeling of love, joy and peace from nature and from the group

Retiree / Pensioner

A forest bathing is a unique opportunity to connect with nature and with a deep part of us. Forest bathing is joy bathing and a big exploration.