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Partner with nature for new ideas, ways of working, stress management and relaxation.

Forest Bathing Switzerland’s is a growing network of certified guides in Switzerland specially trained to partner with nature to guide participants to discover the forest’s gifts.

Our purpose is

to return people to nature

to open new possibilities

and core healing.

We believe the forest is a partner (not a destination) for restoring connection with the natural world, oneself and with others. Reconnecting with nature heals relationships and reconnects communities.

Trained with nature facilitation, outdoor embodiment skills and wilderness first aid, we lead individuals and groups of all sizes. We offer nature-inspired invitations for new ideas and group collaboration.

Our Guides

Catherine Peloquin

Is an organizational development professional and her passion as an executive and team coach is returning people to listening to their wisdom within through nature and embodied learning. Partnering with corporate leaders, teams and individuals her workshops and coaching focus on resilience, systems awareness (ecosystem), trust, authentic communications, collaboration, leadership presence, embodied leadership, integral and vision work.

Catherine is a certified somatic coach and a pharmaceutical leader with 15+ years experience advising senior leader. An organizational development consultant and agile coach, she tailors workshops to deliver team outcomes. She is an avid hiker, partners with mountaineers and other outdoor specialists to create unique outdoor team experiences. Catherine regularly speaks to groups on the benefits of nature. Based in Basel, Catherine leads event in English throughout Switzerland.

You can know more about her in:

Daniela Weber

Among other things, Daniela Weber is a certified guide for forest bathing. As a rational (“head person”) and feeling person, she knows both worlds, which she regularly balances in her life; because both parts want to be lived.

Many different trainings formed her mind, gave her knowledge/skills and broadened her awareness. Learning and practicing will never stop for her.

Her body (the very sensitive nervous system) and nature are her great teachers. With deep empathy, she helps people to get back into their very own connection with body, mind and soul for more health, creativity, joy and easier access to inner knowledge/wisdom.

One of her heart projects is, to reconnect people with nature again.

You can find more information on her website: (with lots of suggestions/ideas and tips).

Lucia Catalano

Lucia is a certified nature & forest therapy guide and meditation teacher based in Zurich. She leads events in German, English and Italian throughout Switzerland. Her workshops offer individuals or groups the opportunity to experience wellness through an immersion in the forest. They also support a way of communicating that encourages attentive listening and trust. Thanks to over 25 years experience in environmental communication, problem solving and conflict management, she designs effective corporate experiences to improve working relationships and team building. She studied Forestry and Environmental Protection and integrated her environmental studies with courses in sustainable tourism, marketing and communication. She has almost 30 years experience in identifying and applying ways to support social causes and produce behavioural changes with positive effects on the environment. Lucia developed a special eco-wellness programme for natural parks, land managers and SPAs: she designs touristic solutions and forest bathing trails. Her main goal is to re-connect people to nature and promote deep sustainability through forest bathing. The well-being of humans and of the natural world are inextricably connected.

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What participants say

I keep coming back because the forest bathing always reveals something new to me every time. It also brings me to a deep sense of calm that lasts me for days.

Retiree / Pensioner

I feel recharged, rejuvenated and energized! Forest bathing connected me with nature in a way I didn’t expect.


During the forest bathing I experienced protection and a feeling of warmth and security.

Digital Publisher

Forest bathing was a deep experience, I received a feeling of love, joy and peace from nature and from the group

Retiree / Pensioner

A forest bathing is a unique opportunity to connect with nature and with a deep part of us. Forest bathing is joy bathing and a big exploration.