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Learn how nature can be a partner in your journey

Are you interested in learning how a forest bathing event could support you or your team?

Contact us to learn how nature can be a partner in your journey. Or book a guide to speak at your upcoming event.

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What participants say

I keep coming back because the forest bathing always reveals something new to me every time. It also brings me to a deep sense of calm that lasts me for days.

Retiree / Pensioner

I feel recharged, rejuvenated and energized! Forest bathing connected me with nature in a way I didn’t expect.


During the forest bathing I experienced protection and a feeling of warmth and security.

Digital Publisher

Forest bathing was a deep experience, I received a feeling of love, joy and peace from nature and from the group

Retiree / Pensioner

A forest bathing is a unique opportunity to connect with nature and with a deep part of us. Forest bathing is joy bathing and a big exploration.