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Reconnect with nature for wellness and wisdom

Join a forest bathing event near you.

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What to expect

Your certified forest bathing guide will guide you to be with nature, yourself or with others to allow nature to reveal itself to you. Here is what to expect from a forest bathing event.

  • 2 to 3 hours (depending upon the weather)
  • Dress in layers to stay warm, as there is limited movement
  • You will stand, sit and just be with Nature.
  • Bring water/tea and something to sit on the forest floor, if you wish
  • It is not a hike. There is no destination.
  • Your guide offers invitations for you experience nature in a new way.

Public Events & Retreats

Enjoy a time-out in a with a multi-day immersive Forest Bathing retreat with a certified guide to open your senses, calm from stress, renew and reconnect with nature and yourself.

A retreat can help boost your immune system, to recharging your batteries, to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health, to reconnect you with your natural rhythm.

A Forest Bathing retreat is also the right way for people who are looking for more grounding, focus and creativity.

There are no upcoming events.
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The experience of reconnecting with nature awakened my senses


The feeling with the group and the healing power of nature was wonderful



Learn nature practices to support your health and to trust your inner guidance. Research shows a weekly practice of being in nature has positive impact on your mood and stress.

Contact a guide to develop a customize outing to meet your wellness or resilience goals. You can learn nature practices to take home and bring into your daily living.

Whether a gift for yourself, with a friend or partner or a small group. We customize for birthday party celebrations and can even be given as a gift for a friend or family member. Contact each guide for pricing.

There are no upcoming events.
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I am grateful for the Forest Bathing practice and am integrating it more and more in my daily routines—and its already such a powerful thing for me. I added the practice of the senses to my morning routine and it makes a difference. I am feeling more awake and more grounded.

Corporate Trainer

Great experience! It was an intense experience, amazing, relaxing, surprising. Do not miss!

Tour operator


For Teams

Take your team outside to get “out of the box” for innovation inspiration, and deeper collaboration and resilience. Nature’s ecosystem is the partner that reveals new ideas and connections. Boost your team spirit, creativity and relationships.

  • Resilience
  • Systems awareness
  • Team vision / North Star / charter
  • Trust, psychological safety
  • Communications
  • Collaboration

For Leaders

Leaders developing conscious, creative and integral leadership take up practices to allow their inner voice, and a deeper sense of purpose to be heard. Learn practices with nature that develop systems awareness and how to recognize emergent futures for yourself or your team. New perspectives and reflection allow the generation of deep truths and guidance that powerfully call you into action.

  • Leadership vision, purpose
  • Conscious and integral leadership
  • Work / life balance
  • New leader integration
  • Burn out

Customized events for 90 minutes to multiple day leadership trainings. Tailored to your outcomes. Experience facilitating leadership teams and groups of all sizes.

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I felt the power, the protection and the support of the forest. I heard the invitation to release unnecessary resistances. The forest told me “life is light”

Cultural Heritage Analyst

I took one of the nature practices you share with our team home to my children. It was powerful to see how nature connected the team and how I rediscovered this connection with my family.

Human Resources Business Partner

Forest Therapy Trails Consultancy

For nature parks, botanical gardens, farms, retreats centers, spas.

Contact a Trail Certification Consultant to create a Forest Therapy Trail to attract and benefit from the natural wildlife resources and provide visitors with sensory experiences away from the demands of everyday life for more relaxation, stress relief and re-connection with nature.

A properly designed and managed trail can provide a venue for relaxing and wellness opportunities for many groups of people. A Forest Therapy Trail is a path or an area where people of various fitness levels can interact with nature, primarily through their senses to slow down from what has become a “normal” frenetic pace, and call attention to sensory experiences of the forest and its environment. Signage can allow visitors to replicate the experience of a guided Forest Therapy session without a guide.